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Who is Chris Wilkensen?

Chris Wilkensen is neither a name known in households nor in any esoteric literary circles. However, he is known in some mental institutions. Please don’t let that frighten you nor turn you away. If my nonexistent reputation turns you on, I won’t let you down (as long as you are female). I am almost never political, and nearly never correct. You win.

Chris Wilkensen does not have an MFA nor does he have mind-blowing, Jedi writing tricks. Instead, Chris has a troubled mind and his therapy is to transcribe some of his jumbled thoughts into the written word. Chris can write in the first-person or the third-person. He will not write in the second-person unless he is with you. Wink, wink.

Chris believes (if you are female) that if you read his writing, it is like giving him a kiss. Chris believes (if you are male) that if you read his writing, it is like giving him a handshake. Please let me feel some sort of human connection!
Editor of The Rock Bottom Journal

Writer of a meager amount of published stories

Author of “Chats with a Charlatan” published by Eckhartz Press

Scribbler of one novel-in-progress

Scribe of many yet-to-be-published stories

A person with dreams, the same as you

What else would you like to know? Please feel free to contact me at chris_wilkensen@hotmail.com.