I am a young (not anymore, haha) writer trying to make his way in the impossible world of writing. Originally from Chicagoland, I have traveled the world and experienced many different cultures after college (because I couldn’t find work in my field — marketing — during the Great Recession). I did some growing up, and my precociousness should be evident in my writing. But not as clear as my eyes after I put Visine in them after a tough day.

I also edited the online literary journal Rock Bottom Journal. This used to be a .com for both up-and-coming and established writers to showcase their stories and poetry after submission and acceptance. This project has ended due to the time constraints of me, as a one-person show of editor, not having enough time to balance such responsibilities with pacing back and forth and gently pulling my hair. However, I do have plans to make a print edition that contains all six issues of this journal and have this available for sale on Amazon. A lot of struggling writers — and I’ve struggled exponentially more than the lot — see some publication sites one day and an e-address that cannot be found the next day. I know how difficult it is to be published, so I don’t want my accepted writers to lose that feeling of accomplishment. Yet I do feel sorry that I wasn’t able to accept more writers by putting out more issues. The website is still online — it used to be a .com, but now WordPress has its branding in it. Uh oh, time to pace back and forth now. At least my FitBit gets some action.


Now that I’m panting like my dead dog before he died, I can continue. My only formal education in writing comes from a few journalism electives during college. The rest of my writing-related knowledge is from binge reading and group workshops. After an online writing workshop with novelist Craig Clevenger, I started to write fiction more seriously. I lost myself in stories. Instead of living life, I lived in imaginary worlds, with situations based on real-world experiences and consequences.


I have been publishing short stories and editing a literary magazine to build my name in the fiction world toward the pinnacle of a published novel. Eckhartz Press has bestowed on me the privilege of publishing my first novel, “Chats with a Charlatan.” Therefore, I am a published writer. Through this work and everything else I have done and will do, my supreme desire is to make an impact on readers for the better, not the worse. It is a tough climb to the top, but the body doesn’t give up as long as the heart doesn’t.

Please view my published work and novels tab to get a better idea of my literary style. If you are even the slightest intrigued by anything you read, then I want to hear from you! My friends and family have better things to do than read my writing. Sometimes they are only characters in my fiction, anyway.

Heart and endurance drove me this far, but the journey has only just begun. I hope that this wasn’t a complete waste of time for you. I hope you smiled even a bit or nodded or even started touching yourself to this site. Seriously. Excuse me while I return to pacing.