Published Work

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6 Lessons You Learn When You Become an Orphan in Your 20s

Thought Catalog

Blurred Perception
Fifty Word Stories

Bros Before Hoes
Mad Swirl

Condoms & Cigs
Flash Fiction Magazine

Fists and Friendships
Out of the Gutter
This appears to be defunct.

Full Circle
The Zodiac Review
This appears to be defunct also.

Get Along

The Path (Volume 9 – Issue 1; Summer 2019)

The Girl Is Not There
The Rusty Nail

Guidance Counselor in Korea
Linguistic Erosion

A Homeless Man in the Side Mirror
Pulp Metal Magazine

Junkyard Junkies
This may be defunct.

Keep the Change
The Digital Traveller

Life in the Stone(d) Age

This may be defunct.

Karaoke Kill

The Path – Winter 2020

Not a Backpacker (Featured Author)
Anak Sastra

O’Hare’s Lost and Found
Bewildering Stories

Old Enough
Balloons Literary Magazine

Paint Out the Obvious 
Twisted Vine

This may be defunct.

Patricia the Frog
Curbstone Collective

Prayers For Pigeons

X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

Prisoner’s Tale (Issue #85)
ArLiJo (Issue #85)

Literary Yard

See You in My Dreams
Quail Bell Magazine

Shoot the Mail Carrier, Burn the Letters
The Story Shack

Showerless (2019)

Mad Swirl

Showerless (2019 – Reprinted)

X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

Skydiving Off Skyscrapers
The Path Literary Magazine

Terminal Tears (Fall 2013 Issue)
Literary Brushstrokes (Fall 2013 Issue)

Tramp Stamps
Apocryphra and Abstractions

The World Never Revolved Around the Sun
Camel Saloon

List of Published Work (in now-defunct journals/magazines)

Rest in peace to the publications below. These are my old publications, some of which are now saved as .PDF files.

Barroom Proclamations
Fuck Fiction

The Fuckers
Stone Hobo

Land of Hearts
Thick Jam

Lipstick on the Glass
Snail Mail Review

Minor Cosmetic Defects

Imminent Quarterly

Secret Seeker
Black Mirror Magazine

Stoned in Saudi
Subterranean Quarterly

Times New Roman
The Urban Resistance

A Special Kind of Seclusion
Alife Dog

Windy World, Used, $100
Intellectual Refuge

Washed Up
eFiction Magazine

Trysts and Cysts
Postcard Shorts